About Us

About us

We are an independent graphic design studio, owned and operated by David Challinor under the banner of Sunset Creative since 2009.

We are based on the Central Coast of NSW and we have clients all over Australia.

We handle a wide range of business types including sport, education, technology, finance, building & property development, retail, arts & entertainment sectors - as well as schools, community groups and niche small businesses.

Dave has a portfolio of over 20 years of graphic design experience in various senior design roles in and around the Sydney CBD, and has managed and collaborated on design projects for businesses both locally and with teams across Australasia, USA and the UK.

With almost 1700 design projects completed in just over 10 years, we have been quietly working away in our little corner of the world with a focus on producing beautiful, clear communication that adds true value.

Graphic Design services we provide

How we help businesses with design

We help businesses organise their message into a system that is clear and easy for their audience to follow, which translates into a richer relationship with their market.

We have built up a lot of trust with our family of clients - and we are lucky enough to have been sustained by word of mouth recommendations from happy clients rather than having to resort to aggressive advertising to keep ourselves busy.

Dave has been coding and designing professional websites since the late 1990s - well before the days of smartphones, WordPress, blogging and social media - and we now embrace WordPress for its reliability, its ease of use for clients, and for its endless flexibility in terms of design and customisation.

Your very own design custom shop

We are a cost-effective alternative to large full-service graphic design studios, and when you work with us you will only ever have experienced, full-time professionals working on your project.

We can also help businesses by acting as an external design department to handle the day to day graphic design needs of any organisation.

Not all businesses can justify hiring a full-time, in-house designer, but they will usually require the services of a graphic design services at some point. We take all the hassle out of the process and will ensure a pleasant transition to using Sunset Creative for design.

We are absolute sticklers for spelling and grammar and we pay very close attention to detail, so we are able to maintain consistency with any existing brand guidelines and continue to produce work without really skipping a beat - and if your business doesn't already have a brand style guide, we can create one for you.

Our principles

We do not cut corners by reselling low-cost, offshore design services for any of our work, ever.

Everything we produce is made by creative people mostly in and around Sydney and Melbourne who are at the top of their game both creatively and professionally, and you can talk to any of us on the phone about your project at any point during its progress.


For the record, Dave was born & raised in Sydney (his last Sydney residence was in Glebe Point Rd!), however the Sunset Creative studio is now based on the Central Coast of NSW, and we continue to service clients all over Australia.

All our work is lovingly crafted and assembled right here in Gosford, and many of our projects pass through the hands of a carefully selected network of reliable, specialist graphic designers, illustrators, copywriters, photographers, IT experts, web developers and commercial offset & digital printers from all over the country.

We make the design process easy

We meet a lot of amazing suppliers and vendors all the time, and we can save you all the expensive guesswork involved with shopping around for the right people to handle your job.

We save you all that valuable time so you can focus on running your business!

Contact us now and let's talk about how we can help your business today.